In our continuing pursuit to provide the latest technology and faster service in microscopic welding, we are proud to add the ALT 300 Alpha Laser to compliment the ALM 175 and upgrade our capabilities.

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Advantages of Laser Welding

The open air design of the Alpha Laser ALM 175 provides versatility like no other, producing the highest quality welds ever dreamed.

Precise weld control and low heat input yields the least distortion ever achieved resulting in little to no heat affected zone (HAZ).
Excellent weld capabilities on all tool steels, stainless steels, beryllium coppers, ampco, aluminum, ferrous & non-ferrous alloys, and titanium and precious alloys as never before.

The most accurate weld deposit’s minimizing both machining and downtime, placing the part back into production sooner, therefore cutting your costs.
Many applications including tool & die, automotive, medical, aircraft, blow molds, electronic and plastic injection industries.

Perfect for prototyping and engineering intricate parts and assemblies